I am curious about what moves people to expand.  I view relationships as vehicles for learning.  I am nourished by visceral change.  I revel in the experience of timelessness.  I believe nature and community inspire radiance.  I think our smallest actions have phenomenal potential.  I take great pleasure in articulating the gifts of others.  I encourage mastery of every day tasks and life long passions.  

Jessica Sieber Grasso is the co-founder of Women's Reclamation and Renewal programs. For two decades, Jess has been working in the outdoors with people committed to positive change. She has primarily spent her time and energy contributing to change-making organizations that require a commitment to integrity and mindfulness in both the professional and personal realms. Her most dedicated positions include that of Program Director and Lead Mentor at Wilderness Youth Project, and Lead Facilitator of Rites of Passage programs at The Ojai Foundation. Jess holds two Yoga Instructor Certifications, is a qualified Council facilitator, and has been trained as a Wilderness First Responder. She is also trained in the field of Personal Coaching with an emphasis on nature connection. Currently, she is working toward her Master's in Human Development. The heart of Jess' work lies in supporting teens and women on solo wilderness experiences. She is continually amazed by nature's ability to instigate self-reflection and growth when intentional time is spent outdoors. Jess is dedicated to light-hearted and loving leadership as a catalyst for greatness. Jessica lives in the mountains of Ojai with her husband, son, and two Aussies.

"Jess's gentle, tender way is beautiful to witness.  She is a clear-eyed teacher, truth speaker, and sage.  And she does it all with such lightness and humor, all you want is more. "

- Carrie Kappel of the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis