I am curious what inspires people to say "Yes!"  I embrace a life of relationship as the threshold to our most natural state.  I have faith in a practice of gratitude, deep love, engaged senses, and quick wit.  I adore questions that lead me to the pleasure of possibility.  I believe together we can manifest anything as long as it is accompanied by clarity, integrity, and pure love. 

Sharon Tollefson is the co-founder of Women's Reclamation and Renewal programs.  Sharon has been exploring the inner and outer wild landscapes for twenty years.  She has facilitated thousands of groups of adults and children from California to New Zealand.  Sharon's career has included the co-direction of Wilderness Youth Project, and program direction at The Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens.  Sharon leads Rite of Passage programs, Women’s Retreats and Family Camps with a focus on mentoring through nature connection.  She is deeply curious about the path of the conventional world and continues to ask questions around community, relationship and human connections.  Sharon embodies a vision of humanity that embraces a holistic life of mutual interdependence within community.  Sharon lives in Goleta beside a vibrant open space and is a mother of two.

"Sharon has a wealth of knowledge and experience facilitating groups for both young and old alike.  I was in awe of her insights, guidance, and leadership skills throughout the entirety of the Women's Reclamation & Renewal program. I wish she’d write a book about all she knows.  Being in the program and learning from her constantly was the next best thing."    

- Susan Moe of soulfulsharing.com