I've been a participant and teacher in the field of self growth and awareness for over a decade and I can honestly say these two women raised the bar. They exceeded my expectations in all ways.  They integrated the profound and the profane. The beauty, grace and strength that shined so effortlessly from them allowed us to bask in the sweet stillness of their generosity. Combining their wisdom, passion and kindness with the land's healing power led to what I believe to be one of my most potent breakthroughs yet.  - Kate Loukes of kateloukes.com

Jess and Sharon hold really profound space, a container that I was beyond impressed with.  I have been to countless events, retreats and workshops and I can honestly say that Women's R&R has given me the most profound gift of them all - coming home to myself through a renewed connection with Mother Earth. Beyond powerful.  - Liesel Rigsby of lieselrigsby.com

My time with Jess and Sharon was a gift. One of the most powerful and palpable gifts was the love, sisterhood and playfulness that passed between them, allowing openness and authenticity into my experience. The sacred and the profane mixed with movement and shared wisdom made for a powerful mix. What a blast!  - Becca Martone of  Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

The strength and safety provided by Sharon and Jess is a rare jewel. After years of preparation, I feel that sharing ceremony with these two beautiful souls has brought me closer to embodying my true self than ever. With my sisters' support, I am excited to venture forward into the world and share my gifts in a new and more powerful way.  - Stacie Clenet of stacieclenet.com 

Jess and Sharon's mirroring of our stories on the final weekend was the most impressive demonstration of the gifts they both hold. It reflected not just a deep listening of stories, but a reckoning by honoring each person in their highest place, leaving us with hope and sweet memories. Witnessing Jess and Sharon skillfully playing out the act of mirroring was fascinating and beyond belief.  - Cheryl Tomchin