: restoring to a previous natural state

: returning to a settled & peaceful condition

: retrieval of something lost


: the process of being made fresh, clear, and strong again

: creating anew

Women's Reclamation & Renewal offers four part series and weekend retreats that guide women on a journey of transformation in a wilderness context.  Guided group practices and solo experiences are intended to offer opportunities to build a relationship with the landscape that activates your personal potential, enriching your lives and inevitably the communities that hold you.


We help women develop:

  • a recognition of the necessity for both the sacred and the profane 
  • skills to be comfortable in the wilderness and in the most wild forms of self
  • an awareness of how to move through stories that no longer warrant attention, energy and time
  • practices of mindfulness, embodiment, service, and self care

We are dedicated to:

  • creating a safe space to explore your wildest dreams and desires while equally embracing your day to day
  • a practice of facilitation that is not intended to fix but rather to help to create a path towards greater connection and clarity
  • providing opportunities to experience the feeling of being fully alive

We focus on:

  • the exploration of the inner landscape, the patterns of nature, and the metaphors that exist between the two 
  • creating conditions that propels us into our grandest versions of self
  • the gifts of the feminine, the masculine, and the collective
  • adjusting perspectives to transform the mundane into the extraordinary

We do this through:

  • guided opportunities of nature connection, movement, council, self reflection, and playfulness
  • edge experiences (stepping outside of your comfort zone)
  • community meals and song
  • overnight solo time
  • storytelling and mirroring 

Listen to our live interview from January 6, 2015 to hear more about Women's R&R.

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Sharon Tollefson & Jessica Sieber Grasso are available for private retreats, events, and consulting,

as well as Rites of Passage & Coming of Age offerings for young women.


"As a participant, I have been profoundly affected in my personal journey by going on retreat with these two women.  What is significantly different in my experience of participating in Women's R&R is that it didn't feel like "work".  The "work" I did on retreat became part of my being, not an action-less memory.  I felt the freedom to do what I needed to do or not do.  I was able to abandon myself into their care because I trusted them and the container they created to accept and hold me.  And they are a total blast to be with!"    - Lisa Danhi