Oh, to be Grand

By simply loving the Grand in ourselves, we literally have to do nothing grand at all. 

It’s brilliant really and aligns with so many biologists and naturalists who observe how the conservation of energy leads to the survival of a species.  Much of the time I cater to my own internal dialogue and berate myself for doing too much or not enough.  It’s often challenging emerging from this flux and settling into that place of knowing I am doing exactly enough.  It requires exorbitant energy to be the martyr who is the only one doing everything well, and then the very next day fall into the “I’m not good enough” syndrome because surely there is more to accomplish with my time.  It is a struggle that the likes of Oak trees, Turkey Vultures and Curly Dock do not entertain.  And yet, when feasting on the beauty of these beings I arrive at a place of appreciation and awe.  They are inclusive of every part of themselves and show up in Grand form by simply being who they are.  I see the raw power of Oak tree and the offer to provide bounty for the rest of life.  I eagerly throw my respect to Turkey Vulture who seeks to create life from death everyday, and I bow in the presence of Dock who grows in vast wastelands but in return gives healing and health.  In understanding the true nature of each of these beings, I welcome the gift that is being given and begin to understand that my own true nature is just as simple and my gift can be just as powerful.  

Look into your own eyes with the compassion you would Oak, Turkey Vulture or Dock and see your own worth as you simply show up.  Let go of the desire to do more or be more and instead use that energy to come alive with the feeling of being you.

Here’s to doing nothing grand at all and still being GRAND!

Love, Sharon